At CommandSim, we aim not only to provide best-in-class simulation tools, but also to teach you how you can help your organization use high-fidelity simulation to ensure your training translates into real results in the field.

To that end, we are proud to offer the following classes:

Incident Safety Officer. A 24-hour ProBoard-certified curriculum featuring high-fidelity, multi-company simulations to engage participants and vividly illustrate critical issues your officers need to know.

Incident Command Training. A 16-hour unique and compelling performance-based educational program focused on Risk Management and Resource Management, with a proven track record for success in evaluating candidates for promotional opportunities, training and developing future officers, and providing current officers with continuing educational skills/training.

How to Build Fire Officer Training Simulations. A 40-hour program of mixed live sessions and pre-recorded videos that teach your training staff how to produce high-fidelity simulations using Adobe Flash and CommandSim software.

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